Be Fruitful and … Multiply?: A Moral Assessment of Human Cloning

For many years the prospect of cloning has remained largely in the realm of science fiction. But after the birth of the cloned sheep “Dolly” in 1996, human cloning has become the subject of serious scientific and bioethical inquiry. The President’s Council on Bioethics reports that numerous institutions in America and abroad have attempted to create a cloned human embryo.[1] These rumors were confirmed in May 2013, when a group of scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University announced that they had successfully cloned human embryos and harvested stem cells from them.[2] So it appears that in the days ahead, the issue of human cloning is going to become more relevant, not less. Therefore this is an issue which requires serious Christian reflection, as it raises a host of important questions relating to personhood, marriage, sex, and the family. I will argue in this article that human cloning is wrong because it goes against God’s original design in creation for human reproduction, and because it puts humanity on a dangerous trajectory toward the objectification of human beings, societal confusion, and the evils of eugenics. Continue reading “Be Fruitful and … Multiply?: A Moral Assessment of Human Cloning”