Getting Along after Voting

voting-2Throughout this election season I have watched Christians who are far smarter and godlier than I land on every conceivable side of the issue of who to vote for as POTUS. (A sample: Trump, Trump, Clinton, neither.) I say this not to relativize away the whole issue, as though it doesn’t matter or as though there is no right answer. It does matter, and I do think there is a most preferable choice. I myself voted for neither of the two major candidates and have commended that view on a handful of occasions in the past few months via social media. And to be sure, there are certain clear principles that should be insisted upon: e.g., abortion is an egregious evil that must be vigorously opposed, and deceit, hubris, sexual immorality, malice, and obscene talk are not just flawed character traits, but sins on account of which God’s wrath is coming (Col 3:5–10). No Christian who voted for either major candidate should be thrilled about the sort of person they elected. They ought to agree that they did so to a large extent while holding their nose. Continue reading “Getting Along after Voting”